My Story

I have decided to embark on a new journey...The Scentsy Adventure. This is the beginning of my Scentsy Story. I look forward to meeting with each and everyone of you, the characters of a warm and inviting business full of opportunity and excitement!

Chapter 1 - What happens in Vegas..gets added to My Story. My favourite city has always been Las Vegas and who better to go with than My Scentsy Family for Convention. Not only did I get the opportunity to see Heidi and Orville in person, I truly experienced Scentsy warmth. Listening to the heartwarming messages from an amazing couple such as Heidi and Orville as well as some other amazing guest speakers made me feel like I was part of a fantastic, family oriented company. On top of the guest speakers, the roll out of new products and the beautiful Grace Adele made this trip one to never forget. I was already packing for Indianapolis before the flight from Vegas landed.

Chapter 2 - My Scentsy Family. After only seven months of being in the Scentsy company I now know what the Scentsy Family truly means. Some may look at Scentsy as a great company that sells wickless candles with a high paying commission rate and you know what, they're right. But when you open up the Scentsy door for what it really is, it goes beyond fragrance and pay cheques, it allows the opportunity for travel, self confidence and most importantly friendships that make everything worth it. Through selling Scentsy, I have met some amazing people that I would have never had the pleasure of meeting. Home parties have lead to new faces, hostesses have lead to new friends, and new consultants have lead to late night phone calls, endless giggles in the back of a cab in Vegas and backstage passes to Cirque. And the most important opportunity, to build a team of brothers and sisters that will soon too experience these Scentsational memories.

Chapter 3 - One Stop Christmas Shop
One day my team and I are sitting back enjoying our benefits of being Scentsy Consultants and realize its time to give back more than we take. We hosted two annual One Stop Christmas Shops in downtown Ridgeway to benefit our local St. Vincent de Paul food drive. All proceeds from the event of local vendors went towards a local food drive right before the holidays.

Chapter 4 - I Love New York!! All expense paid trip to NYC for 5 nigths, 6 days with my mom all thanks to Scentsy - concrete and ceramic jungle where dreams are made of! Thank you so much to all of my absolutely amazing customers, team mates and uplines for leading the path to my free trip to NYC! A huge thank you also goes to Heidi and Orville Thompson - you are truly a blessing in my life!

Chapter 5 - Road Trip To Scentsy Family Reunion. What better way to kick off a Scentsational Summer than to take a road trip with 3 of my 18 team members to Indiannapolis for The First Annual Scentsy Reunion! My first Yay was getting there as a Superstar Consultant - my DoubleYay was reuniting with some absolutely amazing consultants I had the pleasure of meeting last year - my TripleYay...well that was meeting some outstanding new Scentsy Sisters and Misteds.

Chapter 6 - Mommy and Mia Time. Not an easy decision to be made but it had to bed done. On April 23rd, 2015 I was blessed with the arrival of my beautiful daughter, Mia. Wanting to enjoy as much time as I could while she was little I chose to quit Scentsy. I was actually sad to walk away from such an amazing company that had been a large part of my life for 5 years but I couldn't devote myself the way I wanted to to my business and my clients. The time I got with Mia while she was a baby will always be invaluable to me.

Chapter 7 - Guess who's back!! I've got a new business plan, a new family member and a new outlook on life - I can't wait to see where the Scentsy Journey is going to take me this time!!

Chapter 8 - To Be Continued...